If you would like to be included in the OAR Registry, please continue with this online registration process. First, there will be a review of the terms and conditions. Then there will be an online form.

The form consists of three screens with approximately 20 questions about yourself including your name, age, contact information, health status, and caregiving responsibilities. It is anticipated that most people can answer all of the questions in about 2 minutes.

Your responses will be entered into the OAR database. If your responses match the characteristics of participants needed for a particular project, your name and contact information will be given to the Virginia Tech researcher leading that study. In turn, he or she will contact you and give you information about the project. It will be your decision as to whether or not you decide to participate. The only information the OAR registry will receive back from researchers is whether or not you agreed to participate. To protect you against any unforeseen burdens and demands on your time, your name will not be provided to researchers if you are already currently enrolled in 2 or more studies.

Volunteering for the OAR registry does not guarantee that you will be recruited for a study. Your name will be kept active in the registry unless you notify us that you no longer wish to participate. After five years, if you have not participated in a study, you will be contacted and asked if you would like to remain in the OAR registry. If you wish to remain, you will be asked to update your information. If you wish to have your name removed, your information will be deleted from the registry.